We are a SHEtribe of women that comes together to create opportunities for economically excluded, marginalized women. We do this by innovating products and services that encourage and enable women to invest in their self-care. 

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Driven by our philosophy to direct the Rands you spend on your self-care & self-development to empower women who need a hand up, our core belief is that your Rands have the power to affect change. Our mission is to direct your Rands in a meaningful way with AMAZI to fund that change through our Impact solutions.


Rands & Change drives and supports everything we do at AMAZI. It's simple; women can be investors and enablers for each other by understanding the power of every Rand they spend. And where they spend it. Consciously choosing to spend your Rands at AMAZI, amplifies its value by directly investing into developing opportunities for economically excluded women. Allowing us as a community to collectively fund the start-up, growth and success of women. Rands & Change is a matched funding system that extends the value of your spending on self-development and self-care with AMAZI. When you spend R1 on yourself through AMAZI Beauty Bar treatments, you unlock another R2 from us, and we invest that total of R3 in the development of vulnerable women. By spending R1 on your self-care with AMAZI Beauty products, you unlock another R1 from AMAZI to our mission.



As a core part of our impact solutions, the AMAZI Academy offers vocational skills training to marginalized women aged between 19 - 35 years to become economically active by attaining a marketable skill to enter into employment or start their own micro-enterprise.

Apply to the Academy and kickstart your career.


AMAZI Beauty Bars provide high-quality self-care treatments ranging from manicures to massages. Pop in for a little spoiling at our Beauty Bars.

AMAZI Beauty Reviews

The products used were exceptional on my face and I LOVED the special tool for the serum application…Exceptional!

Kudos for serving me tea and nuts after the treatment…I felt like I was in an exotic spa…well done. Your staff are happy and gracious and highly motivated to please from the front desk to the farewell. You can be proud of these ladies as I will definitely return.”

“The Amazi Skin Care range is absolutely glorious. I've been using these gems of nature for about five weeks now, my skin feels healthy and pristine. Each one has its own subtle scent. For someone who can't use perfume because I get an instant sinus attack the natural scents are wonderful. My favorite is RESTORING Me, I love the colour and scent and who doesn't need restoring after a long day at work! Thank you AmaziSheTribe for this homage to women and nature.”

“Packaging is perfect and easy to use. The literal transparency of the containers  - you can see what you have, also lends to its appeal. The containers are also reusable which for me, takes away the guilt of using vessels that may not be recyclable / reused. I enjoyed the ‘no fuss’ presentation. I am truly impressed and think that a consumer who consciously promotes an eco-friendly, long term, sustainable lifestyle would be chuffed by the packaging and presentation.” 


Experience AMAZI Beauty in a brand new way. Through intimate and luxurious treatments and massages to leave you feeling pampered and glowing from within. 

Our facial treatments uses the AMAZI Beauty skincare products and includes additional masks and massage tools. We’ll keep you hydrated with refreshments too!

Book your appointment at our Kenilworth Centre store by calling us on 021 672 0207 and receive 15% off your first treatment!