Don’t let the cold temperatures get your skin feeling down

Long winter nights, frosty winds and chilly rains don’t only spoil one’s mood but it can also cause serious havoc to your skin. Despite the dampening weather it is still possible to keep your complexion luminous and happy even in the cold, dark winter days. 

Here are some five essentials skincare tips you need to incorporate into your skincare routine this winter:


Moisturise Skin While Damp:

In case you didn’t know moisturisers are most effective when you apply them while your skin is still slightly damp. Why you may ask? Damp skin best absorbs product and allows the skin to properly lock in the hydration. 

If you find that you skin dries quickly even after stepping out the shower then try spritzing a facial mist like the Amazi Refreshing Me soothing facial mist to help keep your moist and hydrated before applying product on the face. This will also give your skin a luminous and dewy look even in the winter season.


Swap out Water-Based Cleansers for Oil-Based Cleansers:

Water-based cleansers are great cleansers especially for oily skin but during winter your skin needs all the moisture it can get. A cleansing oil, like the Amazi Cleansing Me Oil Cleanser is great to help restore the skin’s barrier and protect it while cleansing any impurities. 

Oil cleansers are suitable even for oily skin and in my opinion, deserve more credit for their powerful results of removing makeup, SPF and any other impurities without stripping away the skin. It’s all about finding the oil-cleanser that works for your skin.

Add Extra Hydration with An Oil or Serum Treatment:

During winter season it’s important to incorporate applying a nourishing serum before a moisturiser for that extra hydration and moisture. Using serums or oils before your cream is a great way to pack in extra moisture and key ingredients. 

If you have naturally dry skin or feel like your skin is a bit too dehydrated for a serum treatment, then I would recommend swapping out the serum for a facial oil. Both serums and oils are usually high in vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and other skin-nourishing and hydrating ingredients that will boost your winter skin care routine. Try the Amazi Restoring Me serum which is great for nourishing and soothing the skin especially dry and acne-prone skin.

Skip Hot Showers:

Long, steamy showers always seem like a good idea on cold winter's day but this can seriously dry out your skin. Instead make sure to keep your showers short and lukewarm to avoid dry and irritated skin. 


Apply SPF, even on cold, rainy days:

Yes, you still need sunscreen even in the winter. Even if there is less sunshine in the winter, there are still UV rays that are shining through and onto the skin. 

Plus, sunscreen is great to treat many skincare concerns like premature aging, hyperpigmentation and dryness. So next time, remember to think twice before skipping this crucial skincare step because Mr. Sun isn’t out. 

Winter is definitely not everyone’s favourite season and most probably, your skin would agree as well. So, make sure you keep your skin hydrating and protected this winter with these essential skincare tips. 

Remember to listen to your skin and its needs to determine the next step in your skincare routine.

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