Why an oil-based Cleanser? 

Oils are nourishing and the oils in AMAZI Beauty products are close in composition to your skin’s sebum so therefore are easily absorbed without clogging your pores. Oil provides highly concentrated nourishment for your skin, so a little goes a long way. 

My skin is oily, can I use oil-based products? 

Yes. AMAZI Beauty aims to nourish the skin and restore its own natural balance, so your skin will only absorb as much as it needs. Our skin produces oily substances from its sebaceous glands to protect itself from viral, bacterial or fungal infections. The skin keeps itself well hydrated with this protective ‘barrier’ which slows down the evaporation of water from the skin. Our best recommendations for oily skin are the Oil Cleanser and Face Mist for their cleansing, nourishing and astringent action.

My skin is dry, can I use oil-based products? 

Yes. Your skin will absorb as much as it needs, so dryer skin will need a greater quantity of product than a normal or oily one. 

My skin is normal, can I use oil-based products? 

Yes. Oil-based products are suitable for all skin types so the amount of oil absorbed is only the amount of oil that your skin needs.  

Can I use AMAZI Beauty products during pregnancy? 

AMAZI Beauty products are suitable to be used during pregnancy. 

Can I use AMAZI Beauty while undergoing cancer treatment? 

Yes. We have received fantastic feedback in using AMAZI Beauty products whilst undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, which can cause your skin to become very dry, thin and 

fragile. As our products are natural and oil-based, they naturally provide great nourishment and give back essential skin nutrients which can be lost during treatment. We, however, advise you to always consult with your doctor.


What is recommended for sensitive skin? 

AMAZI Beauty products have been formulated for all types of skin, especially sensitive. If you are aware of any skin sensitivity or sensitivity to a particular ingredient it is recommended that you conduct a patch test on an area of clean skin on the underarm and leave it on for a few minutes before applying the product more liberally.

Is AMAZI Beauty gluten-free?

Yes. The gluten in barley grass is found in the seed and we only use barley leaves. If you have a strong sensitivity to gluten; we do advise a patch test on the inside of the elbow which you should monitor for 24 hours. 

I have acne, can I use the AMAZI Beauty products? 

Yes, for their cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, particularly the Oil Cleanser and Face Mist. What about the coconut oil content? Some people are worried about using coconut oil as it can theoretically be comedogenic. We use organic coconut oil (in different percentages) in some of our products, to take advantage of its highly moisturising and antibacterial properties. We blend it with some complementary botanical extracts in a synergic positive action. The results have been great so far including on acne-prone skin