Who is AMAZI

AMAZI is a social impact brand by women for women. Our ecosystem aims to create ways for every woman to create change for another woman while investing in herself. So you can do more good by spending consciously where your Rands create Change. 

This ethos is the central, most key aspect of what makes our ecosystem work. By choosing to spend on your self-care at AMAZI, you’re investing in the futures of women of colour, helping them take the first step into the beauty industry or giving their career in entrepreneurship a boost. 

Your Rands enables AMAZI to create Change for young women in South Africa who have been marginalized and whose life stories have had an unjust beginning due to the lack of access to education, support systems, GBV, or poverty. AMAZI creates impact by empowering women through education, where they are taught beauty and development skills at the AMAZI Academy. We also support their entrepreneurial dreams with the courses they need to start their own micro-business.


When you purchase an AMAZI Beauty product or book a treatment at the AMAZI Beauty Bars your investment is matched by AMAZI to double the initial investment; this sum is invested back into empowering women through education in order to enable women to earn in the South African economy. 

This means that every time you invest your Rands in your self-care, you’re enabling another woman to invest in her future. Our impact framework allows you to empower women without spending more than your budget or extra time. 

Why? So that we can create a future for women where they can thrive as their best selves. Ultimately creating a world that thrives.