Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Applying A Serum Like A Pro!

If there's one step in your daily skincare routine that I advise you not skip (well, after applying your sunscreen) is to apply a serum. 

Serums are great skincare products that help deliver a high concentrated dose of powerful, active ingredients to the skin and focus on targeting certain skin concerns. Whether it's antioxidants, peptides or botanical agents, serums are able to carry smaller molecules deep into the skin and deliver results ASAP!

Whether you're in search of an ultra-hydrating serum to make your skin extra dewy or need a serum to help target those pesky dark spots, we can guarantee you that there's a bottle on this list that's perfectly tailored to your skin needs.

What exactly is a serum?
Serums are lightweight skincare products that are designed to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to your face. Serums aren’t all exactly the same and work differently to target different skin concerns for different skin types. When you incorporate a serum into your skincare routine, you’re able to get better and more immediate results which is one of the reasons why they’re sometimes on the pricey side of skincare. 

How are serums different from moisturisers?

Serums differ from moisturisers in many ways. One of the main differences between the two is that a serum does so much more than a moisturiser, which mainly functions by forming a physical barrier to lock in hydration in the skin.

Another difference is that a serum will usually have a lighter, liquid-like consistency to help penetrate the skin more deeply. This, combined with their high concentration of one or more active ingredients, makes serums very effective at targeting specific skin concerns. Whereas a moisturiser usually has a thicker consistency and sometimes a gel-like rich consistency, sitting on the top layer of the skin.

What are the main benefits of a serum?

Serums can do pretty much anything! They can hydrate, soothe, protect, exfoliate, plump. It all depends on your skin’s needs and the active ingredients found in the serum. However, it’s important to remember that even though they’re amazing skincare products they aren’t there to replace anything in your skincare routine.


How to apply a serum? 

Knowing how and when to apply a serum is key to make sure you get the best of it. A serum is typically applied as the second or third step in your skincare routine—directly after your cleanser and your toner. Apply 2-3 drops of your serum on a clean, slightly damp face and THEN, wait between 30 – 60 seconds before layering on another product to your skin to allow the serum to penetrate through the skin.  

What are some of the best serums for the skin?

Since there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to serums, you'll first want to figure out what your skin's specific needs are.


Antioxidant Serum – AMAZI Beauty Protecting ME (R200)

These types of serums are great for overall skin protection and serve as a nice addition to just about anyone's skincare lineup. An antioxidant serum is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

They will help protect the skin against environmental and UV damage and are also great for helping restore youthful-looking skin. If you're applying an antioxidant serum during the daytime, always remember to follow with a minimum of SPF 30.

Hydrating Serum – AMAZI Beauty Hydrating ME (R200)

The main goal of a hydrating serum is to provide your skin with that extra dose of moisture that it needs. Anyone who needs hydration for  their skin can go for a hydrating serum but it is most beneficial for people with dry or dehydrated skin. 

Whenever you incorporate a hydrating serum into your routine, you should always make sure to apply a face cream over the hydrating serum (especially ones that contain hyaluronic acid) to help lock in the moisture.

Anti-aging Serum – AMAZI Beauty Restoring ME (R200) 

If you are trying to minimise fine lines and improve your skin’s natural firmness then your best bet is to incorporate an anti-aging serum. It will help speed up the collagen production on your skin making your complexion appear plumper and firmer. 

With anti-aging serums sometimes, they aren’t as quick and immediate; it may take a bit longer to see visible results.

Serums are the perfect solutions for treating pressing skin matter like dryness, fine lines and acne. They are one of the answers to soft, healthy and dewy skin.

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