The beauty industry is a massive global market, with millions of people spending on personal care products, beauty, and skincare. However, not all beauty products are created equal, and some are made using unethical practices that harm both people and the planet. The choices we make with our spending power have a significant impact on the lives of people and communities, ultimately promoting a more equitable and sustainable global economy. AMAZI strongly believes in this mission and it lies at the heart of everything we do.

Enter fair trade, a movement that promotes ethical and sustainable practices in the production and distribution of goods. In the beauty industry, fair trade means using ingredients sourced from communities that are supported every step of the way and using eco-friendly and sustainable production methods to reduce the negative impact of beauty products on the environment. AMAZI is proud to be a fair trade advocate through our products, services, and core purpose.

One of the biggest benefits of fair trade beauty products is that they are often made with high-quality, natural ingredients sourced from local communities and produced using traditional methods that are safer for the environment. This not only supports local communities but is also better for your skin and health. AMAZI Beauty is produced from 100% natural active ingredients sourced from Africa that works in harmony with your skin’s innate intelligence in caring for itself. Natural ingredients are better for sensitive skin and are more effective in the long term.

The fair trade movement also promotes and enables sustainable and eco-friendly practices, such as using biodegradable packaging, reducing waste, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals in production. By choosing fair trade beauty products, you help reduce your carbon footprint and support environmentally responsible practices. For example, AMAZI Beauty is packaged in amber glass bottles that can be reused and recycled, extending its life cycle. 

Fair labour practices are a key factor in the fight against exploitation and in the creation of stable job opportunities for communities that need support. Fair trade beauty products and brands ensure that the people behind the production are paid fairly, work in safe conditions, and are treated with dignity and respect. It also empowers small-scale producers by giving them the resources and support they need to grow their businesses and support their families. At AMAZI, we do this by providing services and products that enable marginalized women to learn and earn an income. Through your support of AMAZI Beauty and our Beauty Bars, we are able to invest back into the education of therapists, giving them an opportunity to become financially independent.

Fair trade is a powerful tool for creating a positive social impact in the world. So next time you're shopping, choose a brand like AMAZI that aligns itself with fair trade practices, so you can support your community and the economy while caring for your skin, naturally.

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