The beauty industry as we know it has been undergoing a shift in the way we interact with it through skincare products and trends. We’re moving away from the 10-step intricate skincare routines with complex chemical packed ingredients to routines that are simple, natural and restores your skin from the everyday stress of life. 

This movement, also known as the Slow Beauty movement, is partly occurring due to our shift in focus regarding our planet and the global Sustainable Development Goals. We are slowly realising that to make any positive impact on our environment, communities, and economies, we need to take small incremental steps in our daily routines that work towards building the future we want. 

We’ve spoken about Slow Beauty in a recent post on our Instagram page, linked here, but here’s a little refresher. Slow Beauty is all about developing a sustainable self-care routine and outlook that is grounded in nature, health and wellness. While respecting the environment and our own bodies each step of the way. This philosophy includes the use of multi-sensory elements in a skincare routine to create a holistic experience that evokes feelings of calmness, peace and connection with nature. 

In this blog, we’re breaking down 5 of the beauty trends for 2022, in line with Slow Beauty and in turn, in alignment with everything that AMAZI Beauty stands for and aims to provide. Use these insights to inform your decisions about the products you use, so that you’re able to build an impactful skincare routine for both you and the environment; helping you become a conscious consumer. 


  • Skincare brands have embraced a less aggressive approach to our skin, moving away from the expectations of fast-acting results and focusing more on working alongside the skin’s natural intelligence. This means nurturing the skin’s barrier to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria and supporting the skin’s innate ability in knowing how to restore and care for itself. Skincare is becoming more intertwined with self-care and understanding what your skin needs instead of bombarding it with a myriad of potent and unnatural ingredients that your skin does not recognise. 

    As we’ve spent the past almost 2 years indoors, our skin has become more sensitive and prone to damage from the outside world. Forcing us to find products and ingredients that support and not strip our skin. Alexia Inge, co-founder and co-CEO of Cult Beauty, recommends we avoid foaming cleansers, physical exfoliators, or acids in favour of more repairing ingredients found in nature like plant oils and ceramides.



  • After the craze of 10-step routines, we need to take a closer look at the many products we believe we need to use on our skin. Are they really all doing what you need? Some of these products actually undermine the natural abilities of your skin and can cause more harm than good. Mia Moseley-Smith, a skincare expert at Face The Future, advises that we reduce the steps in our skincare routine while replacing harsher ingredients with gentler ones. 

    Try sticking to a simple 4 step routine that you can interchange as your day progresses or when your skin needs a boost. It’s more about staying with minimal, powerful natural products for a longer period of time so that your skin can become accustomed to them, than changing between 10 different products as the fads change. 



  • We’ve all been obsessed with highlighters at some point in our makeup journey. The glowy and dewy face is, and probably will always be, something to strive towards that signifies healthy skin. Now, the focus is shifted toward reaching that glowy skin in a natural way; through nutrients and deep cleansing for radiant and youthful-looking complexions. Use products that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to support your skin from the inside out. 



  • Anti-ageing hacks and tips only treat the surface of your skin, without targeting the main cause of signs of ageing at an early age; stress. Stress triggers a hormonal imbalance and thus kicks your skin into overdrive. This results in acne, eczema or psoriasis. The past two years have been stressful and have definitely had an impact on our skin’s abilities to protect itself. 2022 is all about relaxation and minimising the stress in our lives. 

    The latest skincare trend report by L'Oréal Active Cosmetics Division has found that beauty and skincare routines are becoming more holistic to ensure that we are taking a much-needed breath away from stress. This includes the importance of drinking water and sleeping a solid 8 hours.

    Incorporate stress-relieving techniques into your skincare routine like at-home facials (or treat yourself to an AMAZI Beauty facial every once in a while) and rejuvenating facial tools like Gua Shas and Jade Rollers. 



  • Sustainability in beauty is not only about eco-packaging. It is also about how and where we source our natural ingredients. Ethical sourcing is crucial to ensure that we do not disturb nature’s processes. 

    Upcycling ingredients that are often not used have become popular in skincare, for example, hemp and oat hulls. If using upcycled ingredients is not possible for your skincare routine, make sure that the products you are using are ethically sourced and that production is done so in a safe way. 

    The above trends are all aligned with AMAZI and AMAZI Beauty. We believe that the future of skincare lies with the Clean and Slow Beauty movements, transforming beauty into something that is not just about appearance. Transforming it into something worth a little more thought.

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